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EGO LB5301E KIT  Lithium 56v blower (2.5Ah battery and standard charger included)

EGO LB5301E KIT Lithium 56v blower (2.5Ah battery and standard charger included)

Product Description

The EGO LB5301E has a Lithium powered brushless motor that allows you to work with maximum freedom and comfort, ensuring low vibrations and less maintenance, as well as quiet and zero emissions. Ego power+ blowers feature jet turbine technology and a large diameter tube to give maximum airflow. Comes with a 2.5Ah lithium battery and standard charger
This model comes with a 5 year domestic / 1 year professional manufacturer’s warranty.

                RUN TIME

low speed                 high speed                 boost                    battery

up to 75 mins          up to 22 mins       up to 10 mins      with 2.5Ah battery

up to 120 mins        up to 35 mins       up to 16 mins      with 4.0Ah battery 

up to 150 mins        up to 44 mins       up to 20 mins      with 5.0Ah battery

up to 225 mins       up to 66 mins       up to 30 mins      with 7.5Ah battery



Product Specification

Category Lithium battery Blower
Engine Type 56volt brushless motor
Air speed (KM/H) 176
Battery56v battery
other2.5Ah battery and standard charger included
(Tool) Domestic Warranty 5 years
(Tool) professional warranty1 year
(Battery) Domestic warranty3 years

Delivery & Refund Information

All new garden machinery is delivered fully assembled and free of charge if the delivery address is within 30 miles of our showroom.

Due to the makeup of petrol, it degrades within 6-8 weeks from purchase so we recommend Aspen fuel alternative in all petrol machinery, which doesn’t contain the ethanol, so won’t degrade, or fuel stabiliser which can be added to your petrol when purchased from the petrol station and slows the process down.

PLEASE NOTE : Aspen products are for collection only and are not available for home delivery.

Click here to view our refund policy.

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