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Stiga Autoclip 225 S Robotic Lawnmower

Stiga Autoclip 225 S Robotic Lawnmower

Product Description

Autoclip 225 S is suitable for gardens up to 1100m2 and can cut up to 4 separate cutting areas.  The highly efficient brushless motor is powered by high performance Li-ion batteries, delivering a run time of up to 2 hours and 30 minutes per cycle.  4 toothed 25cm stainless steel blade.  The Autoclip will automatically return and hook up to the charging station when required.  Safety sensors on the wheel make Autoclips blades stop immediately in case of capsizing, lifting or any other identified movement.  Eco-mode sensors detect if the lawn has been cut, allowing it to return to the charging station until the next cycle.

When it rains, the rain sensor on the Autoclip automatically returns it to the charging station, where it stays until it stops raining.  A PIN code lock protects Autoclip from theft, unauthorised use and access to the programming mode.

Professional installation is required by an authorised Stiga Autoclip specialist (installation costs are extra)

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Product Specification

TypeRobotic Li-ion lawnmower
Maximum Working Area1100m2
Working Time 2 hours 30 mins
Battery Charging Time2 hours
Blade Type4 teeth/8 edges
Cutting Width25cm
Cutting Heights25-60mm
Eco ModeYes
Maximum Recommended Slope35%
NavigationAutoclip has a Bluetooth receiver, encoder, inclinometer and gyroscope
Safety FeaturesObstacle detection sensor and lift sensors on wheels. It also has a tilt sensor, emergency stop and has a PIN code safety feature.

Delivery & Refund Information

All new garden machinery is delivered fully assembled and free of charge if the delivery address is within 30 miles of our showroom.

Due to the makeup of petrol, it degrades within 6-8 weeks from purchase so we recommend Aspen fuel alternative in all petrol machinery, which doesn’t contain the ethanol, so won’t degrade, or fuel stabiliser which can be added to your petrol when purchased from the petrol station and slows the process down.

PLEASE NOTE : Aspen products are for collection only and are not available for home delivery.

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